Product Comparison

Defects of Local Roller
Defects of Local Roller
Consistency not Possible.
Cracks and Holes will be formed as shown in the above Picture.
Cracks and Holes will create the broken rice more, Which reduce hulling efficiency as well as affects the quality and Production of the Rice.
Mechnical stability is not assured in very high speed Operations.
Finally 25% of rubber will get waste (or) not utilized because of the cracks and holes, Uneven wear and tear of the Rollers.
Life is Very Less.
Advantages of "Nikartsu Hi-Life Rollers"
Nikartsu Hi-Life Rollers
Consistency Assured until the last layer of the Rubber.
Surface remains completely plain until the last layer of the Rubber as shown in the above Picture.
Plain surface ensures less brokens and improves hulling efficiency and giving high Quality and as well as Production.
Mechanical Stability is assured even in high speed operational conditions like Five Tonnes per hour with 24 Hours perday in Operational Condition.
Until the last layer the rubber can be used without any detoriation in Production and Quality.
Assured Life is at least one and half time more compare to local rollers even in tough operational conditions.