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"NIKARTSU" is specialists in Rice Rubber Roller years of Industrial Practice is applied to the Mixing, Casting, Calendering, Vulcanizing ,Grinding ,Calibrating and Testing of the Rollers. The Promoters are having 25 years experience in General Engineering and Rubber Technology. Now "NIKARTSU" introduce the Thermo Resistant HiLife Rollers. This is a Revolution in Rice and Rubber Industries...... .

  • Nikartsu,Thermo-resistant Hi Life Rubber Rollers

    Nikartsu, Thermo-resistant Hi Life Rubber Rollers are the first in India with salient.....

    Durability Smoother Production
    Consistency Longer life Span
  • Hi Life Rubber Rollers

Comparison with Local Rollers

Defects of Local Roller Hi Life Rubber Rollers

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  • A Spectrum of Rollers

    • Different type of Paddy needs different type of Shore Hardness.
    • Hardness from 88 degree to 95 degree is available.
    • Rollers available in all dimensions.
    • Special dimension for OEM's can be produced against Minimum Order Quantity (M.O.Q)
  • Spectrum of Rollers